1. Lessons from the 337

    Lessons from the 337

    This weekend, I had the exreme pleasure of traveling to Lafayette, Louisiana for this year’s Krewe of Apollo Mardi Gras Ball. Some of my besties are members, so I went to show support and love. Since this was my first Mardi Gras ball, I had no idea what to expect. I had been given the skinny by several friends that it’s pretty insane, so of course I couldn’t wait. I had an amazing time. Though in all of the fun, the 337 experience did teach me a few things:

    Lesson one: Most of these type of events have multiple bars. Usually, the one closest the entrance is going to be packed, so look around the space for another one. We all know that your anxious ass can’t handle waiting in line; so instead of white knuckling minutes of your life away, hit up the other option. If the other one is busy as well, your cheap ass should have ordered bottle service. However, make sure to order two drinks at a time. That way you cut down on your trips to the bar and you get shit-faced faster.

    Lesson two: In gay/republican events, confetti is probably going to rain down on you. Remember to look out not up. As much as we think that an eye-patch might make us look cool and butch like a pirate, cornea damage is painful and can be averted. Also, put your hand over your drink, so you can avoid the added bonus of swallowing small bits of sparkle. However, shitting out ingested mylar bits could be cool.

    Lesson three: Gays in Laffy are insane costumers. These queens either get really bored in the swamp or they have such an extreme passion for this craft. I think and hope it’s the latter. It felt like Jefferson variety threw up on them in such a good way. These pieces had to have scaled 10-12 feet if not more. Also, my friend said, “it’s better to stone than glitter”. Lame’, sequins, and stones…oh my!

    Lesson four: I learned that I can cajun dance fairly well. This I cannot describe. The only advice I can give is to let someone from there lead and just do a drunken march to the beat as they spin you. It’s all about a simple two-step and some dramatic flair. Also, alcohol helps a lot. In fact, I don’t think it’s true cajun dancing unless you are a little polluted.

    Lesson five: When someone with four-inch eyelashes invites you to an after party in Laffy: go! (btw, since bars never close in nola, we can’t have after parties. we just have brunch) People were sweet, engaging, and def entertaining. They fed me gumbo which I eat all the time, but this time it came with whole hardboiled eggs in it. Insane, I know. However, it was amazing.

    All in all, I had a great experience in the 337, and I look forward to going back. Eatery to check out is French Press, and the mens clothing store next door is an amazing gem. Check ‘em out if you’re ever there. (I’m so proud of myself for not spending time ripping on some of the dresses I saw that night, because I was a little underdressed myself.)

    Dangitsdavie and I preball. 

    Brentles as the waterfall…I def wanted to sing some TLC. Liberace goes scuba diving. 

    Mitchy doing his birds of parrot ice or paradise or something. gorgeous headpiece btw.


    Me trying to steal the throne…didn’t last long, got in trouble. 

    This is the awesome men’s store.