1. Trying to feel skinny by wearing my ribcage today. #dreaming #playpretend #prettyhurts


  2. My Top 5 Most Annoying 2013 #’s

    No more in 2014, please:

    1. #artpop
    2. #duckdynasty
    3. #twerk
    4. #glutenfree
    5. #byefelicia

    Help me; help you… :)


  3. In lieu of my mass holiday text:  here’s my feelings expressed through lyric. :)

  4. Such a great tidbit…def feeling inspired. 


  5. I know #tbt was yesterday…but this gem had to be posted. It’s my old whacked out myspace song. swag and shit for reals. 

  6. The evolution tank spotted several times on instagram. They sold out, but they are now back in stock in all sizes and colors in the etsy shop.

  7. First round of mattingsworth gear is up on my site. Check it. 

  8. nicholaslandry:

    Couldn’t wait til the weekend to rock my new #mattingsworth by @matofonet tank

    Already working their way out

  9. Sippin’ in Seersucker is this Friday.  It’s a fabric theme, so you know I am into, and it benefits the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. Purchase tickets here.  

  10. hommemg:

    Manksters and other proper sleeveless-shirt-wearing fools:  it’s your season, so get those arms ready. You know you do have the right to bare arms; it is America. If you are in fact going to take us to the gun show, I recommend trying this local trend I’ve seen begin to grow, wearing glass mardi gras beads avec said tanks. They are simple, free in most cases, colorful, and have loads of character.  If you didn’t stock up/save any during mardi gras, ask a friend or visit a vintage shop. Here’s three suggestions on how to wear them.

    1. Layering like necklaces creates a statement, and find some with a little something extra on them. Those glass leaves are subtle but awesome. When layering, I would say 3 is the perfect number. Necklaces are from the Krewe of Orpheus, and the solid tank is by me. 
    2.  Monochrome doesn’t always mean subtle. You can get a big punch with the use of texture. Necklaces are from the Krewe of Orpheus, and the paneled tank is by me
    3. For a more subtle approach, fold two similar necklaces into one another to create one solid, two-toned piece. Necklaces were compliments of Brent Meche’s collection, and the tank is by me
    Bon chance,